Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weekly Indicators for May 25 - 29 at

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The parttern that has existed since mid-February of awful industrial data and poor consumer spending, but good comparisons for everything else, is firmly intact.

Friday, May 29, 2015

International Economic Week in Review

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Texas Flooding Picture

There have been a ton of pictures and videos showing the recent flooding in Texas.  But this picture stands out as the best.  First, a bit of background.  Stevie Ray Vaughn's first album was called Texas Flood.  It also contained a slow blues called "Texas Flood."  Here is a picture of Stevie's statue in Austin either walking on water or rising about the Texas flood.  Either way, it's just perfect.

BTW: I'm fine and unscathed.

Mixed news from leading indicators in Q1 GDP

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Corporate profits and gross domestic income, two leading indicators from GDP, were reported for Q1 for the first time this morning.  The news is mixed.